Losing weight with green tea should be a breeze … they say. If that is the case, we should all have green tea. I recently wrote that water was the cheapest and most effective way to lose weight, but if I believe the stories there is an even more powerful way to lose weight … green tea!

I put it to the test and delved into the scientific publications about green tea that can be found on the internet and discovered how powerful green tea could be … so here is the conclusion … losing weight with green tea !!! Read on to discover how green tea helps you lose weight.

Caffeine & EGCG

Green tea contains two active substances that are largely responsible for the weight loss that green tea can cause. The best known of the two is caffeine. Caffeine has been known as an energy booster for years, and various studies have shown that you are losing weight. Green tea contains between 20 – 40 grams of caffeine per cup and is therefore slightly friendlier than coffee (100 – 200 grams per cup). (1)

EGCG, on the other hand, is less well known, but is by far the most essential of the two when it comes to losing weight. Research shows that EGCG boosts our metabolism , which increases our fat burning (even at rest).

Although most studies are based on experiments with caffeine and EGCG supplements, green tea works just as well. Of course you can also use Green tea supplements to supplement the dosage.

Green tea increases your fat burning

This is perhaps the best effect that green tea has on your body … it increases your fat burning during the day … even when you are sitting on the couch or sleeping. Various studies showed that (2, 3, 4). The number of calories that you burned extra by green tea can go up to 8%, which for an average woman amounts to an extra 160 kCal per day.

Another study, among a group of people with obesity, even found that the group that drank green tea even burned 180 kCal more per day after three months than in the period before they used the green tea extract.

Less hunger due to green tea

I have not been able to find conclusive evidence that green tea alone would reduce hunger or hunger. Do you take it in tea form, then. But this has more to do with the water in the tea than the tea itself. In other words … if you regularly drink a bowl of green tea, you will be less hungry during the day.

Green tea or supplements?

Losing weight with green tea is therefore a realistic scenario. The question is of course whether you should consume it in tea form or in supplement form. I think a combination works the strongest, but if I had to choose between one of the two, I would go for liquid form.

I would do that in particular because of the fantastic benefits that water offers, as you can read here in my article about losing weight with water . But again … the combination is preferred.

Conclusion: Losing weight with green tea … Fact or fable?

During my search for research publications about losing weight with green tea, many studies were found to endorse the statement. Losing weight with green tea does not seem to be a fable. There are also studies to find that green tea does not have the same effect on everyone. It therefore differs per person, but it does have an effect for the largest group.

So let’s all drink more green tea. Green tea not only helps you lose weight, but it is also full of antioxidants. I have already started and already have the green tea supplements at home